Redefining the way
businesses work

We are new age enterpreneurs.

With increasing business challenges driven by customer needs, increased competitor awareness and revolutionary data generation, it is imperative to build a market edge before your competitors do. Whyte's objective is to help business build, nurture and enhance value through innovation and deliver exceptional experiences.

Business Consulting

Solutions may not always be apparent and hence envisioning the end goal is the first step for any meaningful journey. Whether you need to increase revenue, reduce cost or enrich customer experiences, our consultants will help you find not only a solution, but with sustainable and scalable impact.

Transformation, Turnaround and Restructuring Services

Customer Strategy and Marketing

Advanced Analytics

Technology and Digital Transformation Services

Project Management

While you can't guarantee any projects overwhelming success, you can certainly apply practical and repeatable methods proven to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Not only do we specialise in efficient project delivery in line with global standards, our experience in project management creates transparent governance and reporting structures, reducing the risk of surprises substantially.


M&A, Divestitures and Post-integration support

Transition Management

Bid and Contract Support

Project Management Office


Asset and Workforce

Research and Modeling

Travel Management Services

Operational Growth Accelerator

When your world revolves around your business, you need to prioritize where you spend your time. We believe that support functions directly contribute to the success of organisations. We also offer expertise in improving support function efficiency in the field of knowledge management, research modelling, workforce and travel management to improve operational business performance.